MàJ – 2eme semaine workshop Objet Connecté – LittleBits #IIM

2eme semaine,  Workshop Objet connecté des groupes E F G H…Les étudiants ont accès au FabLab et à un nombre assez exceptionnel de LittleBits. Pour les guider deux intervenants: Julien Dorra et moi même

J’espère que je n’ai oublié aucun projet (sinon m’écrire un commentaire)… ils sont nombreux.

Trouvez ici les travaux de la semaine 1: travaux des groupes A B C D

Little Enigmes

Our team Little Enigmes created a box which give 3 different riddle to solve.
With those riddle solved, the player can obtain a reward and the answer to the riddle.
It may look easy but it’s not !

Chaghig Harmandayan, Alicia Haze, Alexandra Khau


Run after your clock et not after your bus !
Move’Up is a clock that starts running away when it rings. So, the sleeper have to run after the clock to catch, and raise it in order to shut it down. In this way, the sleeper, forced to leave his bed, is awake for the rest of the day.


Our project is a night light in the form of a little bear that plays a quiet lullaby when it hearsthe cries of your baby.

Credits: Farouk Gad, Cédric Fernandez, Iris Le Disert, Théo De La Taille




Credits: GONCALVES DA FONSECA Chrishtouphe BEN BARKA Fahmi DA SILVA Valentin LEGROUX Gaëtan LE VILLO Alechia


We have created a walking stick called Cannect which help blind people and partially-sighted person in the everyday life.
This walking stick is simple to use : there is an audio case relied to a gps system that indicate the direction pre locked in the gps. So the personn has just to follow the sound in the direction that he heard
There are two buttons on the top which enable to retract the walking stick. When the blind person fell, the systeme send a message to a friend or a close person registered if he didnt press a button after 30 seconds.
All the system can be off when the person dont want it (at home for example).
To make this possible we used two buttons, two engine and two buzzers.

Fireflies – ZenBabe

Fireflies is happy to present you ZenBabe, a connected night light for your babies that will help them and also you, to sleep peacefully. This revolutionnary night light can be controled at distance with a remote controller and this light can turn on itself. The intensity of the lamp decreases over time and can be triggered by a button.

Object Checker

For now the system is with wire that connect object.
When you leave your house, the system check which object is here, if an object is still connected with the wire ,  you receive a message to tell you which object you forgot
if all wire are disconnected , you reveive nothing.

For the future, we would like to add  RFID chip to put in object’s  for easier daily use

Project Forum – Adaptive newspaper

The Forum project was made during a class of interactive design at IIM (videos and photos in the link).
The concept is simple , buy one newspaper and you got all news fromm the internet . If you want Business news at 9AM and Sports results at 1PM ;
For that we used one adruino and couldbits for the main job (find article and display it) , a led and a servo for the visuals feedback , a slider to emulate the « sleep mode »


Our prototype, as our project is called Machena, and it tends to satisfy the driver’s needs.
So, we created a system that controls the engine, flares, air conditioning ect…
This system will be activated by messages send by phone, corresponding to a certain code (ex: #start…).

Credits: Benjamin Laizet – designer Hiba Makhlouq – community manager Artiom Furmanov – developper, assembler Claire Legrand – redactor


We created with LittleBits, IFTTT and Arduino a little box whih send to every people living in the house who come in. With a button, « Daddy » for example will receive a message from « Child » which said « I’m home ». « Child » will just have to select « Child » and open the door (or press the button).

For more informations, follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kiellatechnologie/

Romain ORDONNAUD, Archibald PART, Thomas PERICOI, Diane PEURE, Clément RAYER


We would like to introduce you the TotoBots. It’s a little house mate who can do a lot of things! He is able to wake you up, give you a lot of informations like the weather of the day or your friends birthdays…
He is also a tool of home automation (pull up the blinds, control the room temperature..).

And now we will present to you the process.

Duration: 4 days


Julien Salliot, Quentin Paolantoni, Vasco Potier, Arthur Piquemal, Guillaume Rossi. https://www.facebook.com/totobotscorp/ https://twitter.com/TotoBotsCorp

TotoBot design made with the help of Papercraft. https://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2013/11/08/totoropapercraft/

Twinky Ball

Our project is a sort of ball (actually, we wanted it to looks like a crystal ball). Made of paper, the sphere is put on a black case (made of wood). Thanks to the little bits, we decided to create a connected object that allows the user to know when he is receives a notification from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or his cell phone.

Indeed, a led is placed inside the ball and thanks to the cloudbit, when the user receives a notification, according to the social network that sends the notification, the intensity of the electric current changes. It also switches the led’s color, which illuminate the ball.

For the project, we are only able to have two colors : green and red. Therefore green corresponds to a Facebook notification and red corresponds to a Gmail notification.

Then, thanks to the Arduino, we encoded a « program » that allows the user to know how many notifications he received.

At the beginning, we wanted the ball to be tactile. When you touch it, the counter lights up and display the number of notifications. But we were not able to do it, due to a lack of technological ressources. Therefore the counter is inside the base (due to a lack of place) and it displays the number of notifications as soon as you have one.

We also wanted the ball to display time when you touch it, but we had not the cloud bit required to do it.


Cor-A-finidad is a game. There are two controllers, each one represents a half heart. Both of them contain one button, one LED which shows the controllers are synchronized or not and five more LEDs which are the scorebar, and a timer.  The goal of this game is the following: both gamer has to press button as fast as possible to keep the gauge at the third LED. Moreover, when a gamer press the button, the single LED is lighted up, otherwise, the single LED flashes.The game ends when the timer displays zero, if three LEDs on five are lighted up, both players win, elsewhere they both loose.

Creators: – LeGoff Alan – Le Bis Gauthier Igor – Fazer Axel – Lemaire Arthur

Mine Connect

You want to play by a different way ? thanks to Mine Connect you will have fun with an original object, you can call monsters directly in your game.

Credits: Mateo MBOT Sebastien MINNAERT Maxime LEBEAU Azouz MENGUELLAT


Caprica create a brand new appliance : Caprilost . Your’e probabbly tired of loosing all your stuffs , never again thanks to our new product !

It will found any object your lost with vibrations , sound , and a light .

You wont be afraid anymore to lost your phone or your keys !


Duration: 1 minute

Credits: Guillaume Claisse, Guillaume Fontaine, Thalia Hammiche, Thibaut Testart, Sarah Godard

Strap light

Afkey away from keys

AFKey is a light portable device used as a keychain.

The goal we want to reach is to create an appliance wich conect both smartphone and keys to make life easier. If you lost one of them, you just have to press a buton on the device or go on your smartphone and it will vibrate to help you locate it.

To make this possible, we used a cloudbit, a button and a vibrate facility.
Thanks to IFTTT, the recipe we created enable the keychain to post a facebook status in order to find the lost phone.

See the prototype in action !


Smart Coffee is a coffee maker, it’s smart and can prepare your coffee the morning even before you get in your kitchen.
To do that, you just have to get your Smart Coffee. Then it’s pretty simple: connect SmartCoffee to your Wi-Fi and, with your phone (iPhone, Samsung, Android…), open the application “Clock” and download the plug-in SmartCoffee.
We ask us to change a normal coffee maker in a special coffee maker, so we found the idea of Smart Coffee. The objective of SmartCoffee is to revolutionize your morning. This SmartCoffee has been made to help people: every know time is lacking every morning, with SmartCoffee, you don’t have to worry anymore; your coffee will be ready every morning when you wake up !
For the conception of the coffee maker, we decided to create the body of the coffee maker before the plug-in. We create a prototype in cardboard with all the informatics systems to prepare the coffee and to send signal of the smartphone to the coffee maker.
Enjoy SmartCoffee in only 3 steps:
1) Buy SmartCoffee on our Website: http://SmartCoffee.com
2) Add the plug-in SmartCoffee in the application “Clock”.
3) Enjoy your coffee when your wake up without making it !
Contact / About us
Our research team is composed of 5 people: NDOUBIHI Nassim – EXCOFFIER William – MIN Robin – MOHAMED Nadjime – NACHER William.
Our research center is on France, at the pole Leonard de Vinci 12 Avenue Léonard de Vinci, 92400 Courbevoie.


BabyConnected is happy to present you ConnecTed, the first connected box that will improve the daily life of all your family. ConnecTed is a connected object easy to use. You just have the place the box near to your young children bed and light it up. So, if the children wake up and start to cry, the the sound will be recorded by the box. Then, it will send you an e-mail and a Facebook notification; also a little light will start to shine to appease your child.

Pet connect

Pet connect is a connected necklace which hangs around the neck of your beloved pet.

It was designed to open your house’s cat-flap. Indeed, an infrared sensor and a movement sensor are set next to the window. They detect the movements of your animal in front of the door. At this moment, there are two possibilities:
Either the animal has the infrared emitter necklace and the cat-flap will open, or it does not have it, in which case the animal will only be detected by the movement sensor which will trigger an alarm/an ultrasound. Pet connect also warns you when your cat is inside or outside the house.

Watch this video for more information:


it has created a wrist strap attached to a coffee machine. When pressing a button on the bracelet, the latter controls the machine to make coffee. A notification is published on Facebook to show that the information has been included.

Alexandre Hamed, Quentin Grimbert, Enzo Gros

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